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traditional cheese savoury
Grated cheddar cheese with onion and carrot in a creamy thick mayo
cheese and spring onion
Grated cheddar cheese and fresh spring onion in a creamy mayo
three cheese
Cheddar, edam and red leicester in our creamy mayo
three chesse and spring onion
As above with spring onions
cheesy marmite and red onion
Grated cheddar, red onion and marmite in a thick mayo.
Love it or hate it!
Mozzeralla, Pepperoni and Jalepeno
Like it hot! Mozzarella, pepperoni and jalepeno in a thick creamy mayo
creamy cheese, black pepper and red onion
Grated cheese and red onion in a delicious black pepper sauce
mexican chilli cheese
Three cheeses, kidney beans, onions and mixed peppers in a creamy mexican mayo
cream cheese and salmon
Cream cheese with strips of salmon in a thick creamy mayo
brie and bacon
Delicious brie with diced bacon in a thick mayo
brie, bacon and date
As above with chopped dates
brie, bacon and cranberry
Just add cranberries
cheese and bacon
Cheesy filling with delicious smokey bacon